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Yahweh, Your Healer

Actualizado: 2 may 2020

Exodus 15:26       He said, “If you will diligently listen to Yahweh your God’s voice, and will do that which is right in his eyes, and will pay attention to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you which I have put on the Egyptians; for I am Yahweh who heals you.”        After the Israelites left Egypt and crossed the Red Sea, they set out on a three-day march through the desert of Shur (fortified wall). At the end of the third day, exhausted and extremely thirsty, the children of Israel found a small oasis where water flowed. However, the story tells that they could not drink from those waters, because they were bitter; so they called that place Marah, which means bitterness. Disappointed and desperate, seeing that they had no way to quench their thirst, people began to murmur and complain; then Moses cried out to God, who showed him a particular tree. When this tree was thrown into the water, a surprising miracle occurred before the eyes of all the people: the bitter waters of Marah became sweet (or drinkable), so that the Israelites could drink from them.

      The events in Marah served as a pretext for a special revelation of the Divine nature, the revelation of the name Jehovah Rapha (Yahweh Rapha), the Healer. The word rapha is used throughout the Scriptures to describe the act of amending, restoring, completing, and healing. There is no doubt that this word implies healing of the physical body as well, as it is first used in Genesis 20:17.       The context of this revelation of God as Healer clearly shows as we read Exodus 15:26 at the beginning of this reflection: 1. First, it takes place in a conditional covenant context. He said: If you hear, if you do, if you keep ... if you obey ... There is enough evidence in Scripture to affirm that the Israelites received supernatural immunity during the time they were under this covenant of obedience; not so when they turned away from the Lord to pursue pagan gods and practices. God's commitment to manifest himself as Yahweh Rapha was conditioned on the observance of divine commandments and statutes, particularly the promise of a righteous conduct that brings honor to God.   2. It takes place in a context of spiritual identity. It says, No disease from which I sent the Egyptians will I send you ... The people who murmured in Marah had experienced the supernatural protection of God while still in Egypt, where they were slaves. One after the other, the Lord had sent ten terrible plagues upon Pharaoh and his people. These plagues had shaken the false security of Egyptian power and challenged its many idols, but as they flared up, they seemed to bypass the humble village of the Hebrews. 3. It takes place in a relational context. He said: ... Because I, the Lord, am your Healer. The people were safe because of their relationship with the true God, as the psalmist puts it: Blessed is the nation whose God is Yahweh, the people whom he has chosen for his own inheritance (Psalm 33:12).       Verse 25 says that the Lord used the events in Marah to test his people. It is difficult to understand the logic behind this test if we did not previously refer to verse 27 in which we are told what happened next. The Israelites arrived at Elim, where there were 12 water sources and 70 date palms, and camped there by the waters. Elim's almost paradisiacal nature contrasts sharply with the many deprivations of Marah. Not only was there enough water for everyone (one well for each tribe), but also plenty of food. Mara was only a critical point on the road to Elim.       How can we understand Jehovah-Rapha's revelation in times of a global pandemic? Perhaps this is the most important question we should ask ourselves right now. Is it possible to apply the same spiritual principles to the church today? I do believe it is!       First of all, God is still the same, healing is in his nature. When we analyze Christ's earthly ministry, we realize he came to manifest this particular aspect of the Father's nature. Although we understand by the Word that the Lord will shed judgment on those who insist on a sinful and rebellious lifestyle, the truth is that we are still on time to repent and turn to Him, before this window of opportunity closes and the world enters the time of the Great Tribulation.       Secondly, the true church is not a human institution, but the set of all believers who are in a covenant relationship with God, through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, and who were born of the Holy Spirit. Surely you have already heard the story of the first Passover and how the angel of death passed over the houses of the Hebrews because of the blood applied on the framework of their doors. There is no better time than this to identify with Christ, be accountable to God, and prepare spiritually to meet Him in the clouds. The time of the final events is fast approaching.       Finally, I want to say that we must look at the present crisis as a time of trial and shaking for the world. I have no doubt that Jehovah has been, is, and will continue to be my Healer. When the Israelites reached Marah and encountered the bitter water problem, they ended up experiencing the supernatural power of God in the midst of adversity. Right now, the Lord is breaking religious patterns and calling our attention to what is most important. I am sure this shaking will bring even greater glory to God's people as we align ourselves with him and with his purpose, after all, we are the church of the end times.        #finaltime #divinehealth #coronavirus #pueblodeGod #church

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