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What Hope Do I Have Left?

And now, Lord, what do I wait for? My hope is in You.
(Psalm 39:7)

Last night I came across this psalm while thinking about the word hope. I was feeling desperate when the Holy Spirit put into my mind the idea of ​​searching for this term in the Bible. I am sure you also have those moments when you would like to see an immediate response to that stressful situation sitting on the ‘prayers pending response’ drawer to this day.

One of the most useful things in life is hope. I believe people commit suicide when they are feeling completely hopeless. If someone is at a crossroad with no way out and begins to think there is no possible solution to hold to in the future, that person may reach a critical and dangerous point, emotionally and physically.

Many diseases and symptoms without apparent logic explanation are related to emotional states of anxiety or hopelessness that remain constant over a long period of time. God designed our body so that it can give us warning signs when something is going wrong inside, including our emotions.

For all these reasons, neither of us needs to remain in a place of despair, especially since we know that, whatever the circumstance may be, Jesus won the absolute victory for us. We have overcome this world because of Him. In fact, God commands us to remain in a place of emotional rest (remember the spiritual meaning of the Hebrew Sabbath?). It is time to move that 'pending issues' folder to the 'completed' drawer, so that we can feel relief and emotional healing from now on.

What I am saying is that it is impossible for me to fail a test that has been passed and mastered by Jesus from the beginning. When He exclaimed: "It is finished," and gave up his spirit on the cross, allowing his holy body to hang lifeless in the most horrifying and painful way possible, he did that for me. It's not about how successful I can be in life, whether or not I manage to win every single race for success; nor about my amazing skills, the talents and personal achievements I keep track of, or even how many times I stumble, go wrong and miserably fail. It's all about Him! His victory has been imputed to me, and to anyone who remains in Him.

I may not be the best mother in the world, but I rest assured that my son belongs to God, who will continue to deal with him in a perfect and effective way, one beyond my personal understanding. I still have needs and desires that have not been covered to the present, and I have plans taking an unexpected turn, but I have given all my burdens to the Lord and I refuse to feel hopeless and desperate anymore. I am complete and well in Christ in every single way.

As the psalmist, I have placed my hope in God, and I always return to Him when things get ugly. My dark moments end pretty soon, and I’m full of expectation once again, because I know the future belongs to Him.

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